Welcome to Our Headquarters

We are ArmyOne a studio located in Cali, Colombia that specializes in architectural visualization and design. 

We are sure your project will look the best way possible with our help and the quality of our images. We have a strong artist sense to compose images and we give a great importance to a solid artistic process, as a result our images become meaningful to the observers. 

 We are an Army that creates images of impact. 

We know that successful projects need successful images. 


Gustavo Correa Hernández

Founder and Artistic Director.

Architect specialized in architectural visualization with 5 years of experience nationally and internationally. He has worked with the biggest company in the architectural visualization business in the United States. Committed to the conceptual process and every detail to achieve a successful image. 

Diana Carolina Galindo

Communication specialist.

International manager in charge of communicating with the clients around the world. Foreign languages graduated with knowledge of English, French and Spanish. Interested in creating a bridge for the expression of new ideas between the client and the artist.



Our reserve force is a group of people with special skills who are always prepared to be called to the battlefield to give their best and get the best job done.

Mario Bravo
Architect and Modeling specialist.

Architect specialized in modeling and shaping many of the details of the 3D model that are necessary to accomplish and completing our missions.

If you like our work feel free to contact us to discuss our future collaboration.