My name is Gustavo Correa and I am an architect specialized in architectural visualization.

     Observing a synthetic image can be moving for people when this has been built through a solid artistic process. An image where its well-researched references, context and every detail has been thought, it’s an image that becomes meaningful for the observer. This is my goal. 

    ArmyOne is my personal gallery where you can see my commercial and non-commercial works.

    If you like my works feel free to contact me to discuss our future collaboration. 



    Julian Andres Castellanos

    He is our main contact in Australia.

    An architect with 4 years of experience and deep understanding of architectural, furniture design and 3d modelling. A passionate for realistic 3d modelling with high detail. Focused on the improvement of the proper concepts of design including space sensations and customer profile. 

    Diana Carolina Galindo

    She is the kind face of the team.

    International manager in charge of communicating with the clients around the world. Foreign languages graduated with knowledge of English, French and Spanish. Interested in creating a bridge for the expression of new ideas between the client and the artist.