Architectural visualization, 3D Renderings, 3D modeling, Postproduction

Designed by CAZA Architects, the Memphis Mission Hospital is the first ground-up charity mission hospital in the Philippines. Our team provided the architects with powerful images that effectively promoted and marketed their design ideas, earning them recognition and strengthening their brand.

What made this project unique was our attention to detail and creative approach. Despite a tight timeframe, we carefully studied the context of the location, including the abundant sugar cane fields and distinctive palm tree vegetation.

Our goal was to capture the essence of the rich tropical landscape of Negros Occidental, and we researched lighting references to best highlight the hospital’s design features. We also aimed to create compelling imagery that would effectively highlight the hospital’s importance.

We specialize in transforming architectural designs into marketable digital content through expert guidance on rendering, marketing, website development, and social media management.

Our team helps clients to visualize their architectural projects through 3D renderings, 3D animations, 360 images, and virtual tours, making their designs more appealing and engaging to potential buyers.

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